Kik FAQ’s

Q1. Why Should I Use Kik?

Ans: Kik is an application which only needs an email address to be utilized. There’s no need of providing any other personal details and this helps in keeping your privacy secure. You can chat with strangers without disclosing your identity as well.

Q2. Is Kik Free?

Ans: Kik is an application that is free to download and use. Your data charges may vary based on your internet provider. The best way to ensure that no extra charges are applied is to use WiFi.

Q3. How Can I Get Kik on Windows?

Ans: You can download an emulator on your computer which will allow you to access the Google Play Store and download the app from there. One of the best emulators for Windows is BlueStacks.

Q4. How Much Data Does Kik Consume?

Ans: Kik doesn’t necessarily use a lot of data but when pictures are shared to other users, the usage is significantly increased. Data consumption due to sending pictures is usually around 500kb. When users receive pictures, it could be more than 1MB.

Q5. Is It Possible To Have More Than One Account On Kik?

Ans: Users can have more than one account as long as they have multiple number of email addresses. In order to switch from one account to the other, they will have to log out and use the other email address associated with the account.

Q6. How To Make Sure That My Kik App Is Up To Date?

Ans: You need to go to settings on the application and then select the option which says Help & About Us.

After this you need to select Update Kik which will make sure that your app gets updated and is up to date.

Q7. Can I login to Kik online? 

Ans: Kik does not have a web interface and in order to use it without the app, you will have to download an android emulator. The app can be used without having to be downloaded on your phone, but you will have to install it on your PC or any other device. In order to use Kik, the app has to be installed on some device which can be used.

Q8. How to make friends on Kik? 

Ans: You need to open your chat list and click on the button which says Meet New People provided at the bottom of the page. Click on join to enjoy chatting with other people to talk to. You can get matched with people randomly by choosing to Star chat. There is an option which allows you to chat with people who have the same interests as you by using the filters.

Q9. What do D and S mean on Kik?

Ans: The D is to show that your message has been delivered. S stands to tell you that your message has been sent.

Q10. Can you log into Kik on two devices?

Ans: In order to maintain your security, Kik only allows one device to be logged into an account. If you decide to log in from another device, your account will be logged out from the previous device you were on and delete your chat history.

Q11. How to delete or deactivate Kik? 

Ans: You will have to go to the Kik website as you cannot deactivate or delete your account through the app. Go to the deactivation page and enter your email address. A deactivation link will be sent to your email to temporarily deactivate your account.

To permanently delete your kik account, head to the account deletion page on the website. You will need to enter your username and your email address. You will be provided with a button that says ‘Go’  to delete your account after providing the information required.