9 Best Kik Alternatives | Apps like Kik

Nathaniel Warren  

Kik messenger online allows its users to place video calls/chat without spending a single penny. The app works on both iOS and non-iOS platforms. Kik mainly targets the teenage population with interesting features like bot shop, young chat challenges, etc. 

Over time, the app was bombarded with legal issues due to which the company decided to shut down the app in 2019. Though it is still listed on the App and Play stores, you never know when the company decides to take it down instantly. So, it’s safe to look for alternatives to meet your needs. 

Best Kik Alternatives of 2020

Thanks to the advancement of technology, the market is a pool of video/audio messaging apps, which offer similar features like Kik messenger. Let’s take a look at the 9 best Kik alternatives in the market. 

  1. Whatsapp- If we make a list of 50 video/audio messaging apps in the market, Whatsapp will have a spot in the top 5 contenders. Its users can freely interact with each other and place group calls with up to 8 participants in one go. Its intuitive interface appeals the most to the users. Apart from it, you can share files, photos, location and even use stickers and emoticons for fun interactions. Both iOS and non-iOS users can download this app. 
  1. Viber- Just like Whatsapp, users on Viber can chat, call and share photos/documents. To meet the latest trend, Viber has come out with the latest update, which allows up to 20 people to enjoy a group video call. Apart from it, Viber offers stickers and emoticons to enhance the level of fun in your daily interactions. As the number of users increases on Viber, the company has come out with new policies to update the overall security of the app. Both iOS and non-iOS users can download this app. 
  1. Signal- This app is made for those people who constantly crave for privacy. With its strong end to end encryption, users can place video calls and drop messages without worrying about the data breach. The clarity of video or voice call is really good and the interface is well-liked by its users. The app is free to download and works well on iOS and non-iOS platforms. 
  1. Facebook Messenger- Do you remember the company ‘Facebook’, which destroyed Orkut? Well, the Facebook messenger is one of its great offerings. Users have access to loads of emoticons and stickers and the company keeps on updating the section with the new ones. To meet the need for virtual social or formal interactions, users can add up to 50 participants in a single group video call. Apart from it, the app comes loaded with one to one chats, voice calls and security protocols to provide you with the best experience. Both iOS and non-iOS users can download this app. 
  1. Snapchat- How can we forget Snapchat when we talk about fun interactions? It is famous for offerings 100s of filters, stickers and emoticons that keep the teenagers hooked up to the app. To keep up with the latest trend, Snapchat allows up to 16 participants to enjoy a group video call. Apart from it, you can opt for group chats, share files/photos and place voice calls without any worry of a data breach. The app is listed for free on App and Play stores. 
  1. GlideGlide is a free app and can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices. This is a bit different from other apps. Glide allows its users to record video messages and send them to one another. The other participant can see you record a live message, which is one of the USPs of this app. The message can be played multiple times for 5 minutes. That’s the part of the app’s self-destructing feature. 
  1. Tango- It’s one of the oldest apps that still has a lot of juice left in it. Users can place video/audio calls, connect with nearby strangers on the app, live-stream videos and create groups for chatting. One of the noted features of this app- it allows fans to share gifts on live-stream videos, which can be redeemed for cash. That’s amazing, isn’t it? You can easily download Tango on iOS and Android devices. 
  1. JusTalk- It is a cross-platform app, where you can easily place free video/voice calls (up to 16 participants) with your contacts or Facebook friends. With the help of this app, you can share photos, locations or doodles with each other. JusTalk also allows you to place international calls by charging some money in return. And yes, the app is listed on iOS and non-iOS platforms. 
  1. Line- Though the app is much popular in Japan, it has a noticeable number of users around the world. It’s USP? You can add up to 200 participants in a single group video call. Apart from it, the app offers standard features like filters, one to one chats, face transformation effects, etc. If you have a big team and you need a reliable app to carry out the meetings, Line is the choice for you.